Merry Christmas from Full Spectrum Energy Healing

Wow, has the year has flown by! The holiday season is upon us and while it is a sacred season, instead of feeling blessed and festive, like many you may be feeling stressed, and overwhelmed.

Holidays have a way of stirring up old emotional wounds and adding extra charge to fresh new ones. Anything from loss of a loved one, to financial challenges, dealing with dysfunctional family relations, or being all on your own, can turn this time of year from joyful to bleak.

I created this guided meditation, “You are Not Alone” for you whoever you are, whatever your circumstances as my Christmas gift to say you matter, you are loved regardless of how alone or unsupported you might feel in this moment.

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I invite you to give yourself the time to listen to it again and again, hopefully daily. Become familiar with it and when you are ready, be on the lookout for another piece to compliment this meditation.

It is my deep honor to connect with you. Merry, Blessed Christmas gratefully from my heart to yours!


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