Animal Reiki

What can Reiki do for my animal?

  • Support optimum health and well being on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.
  • Induce deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • Accelerate healing in sick or injured animals, or animals recovering from surgery while reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Support and help abused animals from past mental/physical trauma and reduce behavior problems and aggression.
  • Complement conventional and alternative therapies and decrease side effects of other medical treatments.
  • Support the dying process.

Why Reiki?

  • Reiki is gentle, non invasive, painless and stress free.
  • Reiki goes to the issues that need it most, even when unknown to the practitioner.
  • Animals control their own participation in the treatment, thus becoming leaders in their own process of healing.
  • Reiki can be given hands on or from a distance and is adaptable to any problem your pet may face.
  • Reiki can do no harm to participant or practitioner.
  • Treatment does not focus on what is wrong but rather sees your pet in a state of divine wellness

What creates a successful Reiki treatment?

All that is needed for a successful Reiki treatment are the intention of the practitioner to be an
open channel for the Reiki to flow through and the acceptance the animal gives to the Reiki.

What does a typical Reiki treatment look like?

Every treatment is different because just like humans, animals are unique and choose to accept the energy in their own way. Some main signs that an animal is accepting the energy are:

  • Signs of deep relaxation (this could be yawning, sleeping, deep relaxed breathing, etc).)
  • Ebb and Flow movement: the animal may come to and from the practitioners' hands, walk away and then come back, lay down to rest and so on. This pattern could be repeated many times within a session.
  • A treatment will begin several. feet away allowing the animal to come into the energy and only receiving direct hands on if they are open to it.
  • On the very rare occasion an animal may choose to reject Reiki behavior such as annoyance, aggravation, and or nervousness along with inability to settle will be displayed.

Next Steps

Contact me for a complimentary one on one about
how Reiki might support you and your pet.

Contact me for a complimentary
one on one about how
Reiki might support you
and your pet.

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